What we stock



Arctic Air

Arctic Air represents great value and performance in refrigeration. Few manufacturers have been able to bring to market a quality refrigeration solution at an affordable price, but Arctic Air has done that while increasing the aesthetic appeal of your product. Their glass door merchandisers are a thing of beauty.

Fagor Commercial

Fagor Commercial manufactures a wide range of products. Whether you wish to cool, store or display food and drink, they are the leaders in the market with an extensive range of refrigeration appliances. No other factory produces better bar equipment. With a huge variety in terms of size, applications, features and finishes, Fagor has what you’re looking for.

They also produce efficient dishwashing and glassware solutions. Their range of products are comprehensive, from small glass washers for bars, cafes or small restaurants to high capacity dishwashers.

Global Refrigeration

Global Refrigeration’s mission is to manufacture a wide range of refrigeration products, which exceed industry quality and performance standards. Using the historically successful Kelvinator design, the Global team added new features and redesigned components to complete this mission and become a world leader in the refrigeration industry.

Global Refrigeration’s line of products include: ice cream dipping cabinets, vertical low and medium temperature glass door merchandisers, solid door freezers and refrigerators, glass door refrigerators, , drop-in cabinets and hardening cabinets.


Kelvinator is manufactured by Electrolux, the world’s largest chest freezer factory. The upright reach-ins offer a stainless steel door and grey epoxy side panels that enhance any operation. Their glass door refrigerator is an attractive alternative to higher priced competitors. Kelvinator also produces full stainless steel exterior refrigeration solutions for all of your storage and prepping needs. They have quality bar solutions at affordable prices too. All of this, plus a 3 year / 5 year warranty at a fair price.


C. Nelson manufactures quality ice cream equipment for the discerning scooper. Their lineup consists of traditional visual dipping cabinets, flavor-rails, conventional chests and mobile refrigerated carts. They pride themselves on engineering and creating the top of the line in ice cream dipping solutions.

Ojeda USA, Inc.

Ojeda USA manufactures quality refrigeration products with maintenance free condensers. They are known for their industry leading open air merchandiser. They also offer solid and sliding glass top freezers, ice cream cabinets, glass door coolers and deli cases.


Rankin-Delux began 50 years ago and now manufactures over 500 different models of broilers, griddles, hot plates, finishing ovens, oriental ranges, stockpot ranges, and teppanyaki griddles.  Unparalleled for its durability, R-D holds many cooking appliance patents including the internationally recognized Turbo Broiler™.

Royal Range

Royal Range of California produces a complete line of cooking appliances; convection ovens, ranges, fryers, plus a full array of countertop griddles and broilers. Royal is quickly establishing itself as THE leader in quality, durability and innovative new products.


Sharp, the world leader in microwave oven production, offers commercial microwave ovens from 1000 watts to their newest solution, the 2200 watt Twin Touch microwave oven. Twin Touch models offer dual horizontal controls, so even when the unit is installed above your head, the controls are always within reach.


Stortec is a manufacturer of high quality epoxy coated wire shelving, posts and accessories. They also manufacture stainless steel wall shelves, as well as knockdown stainless steel tables, equipment stands and hand sinks.


Good value for money is what Veetsan brand stands for and has proven in the market.

Going cross borders and being part of a global leader in the appliance sector, they provide “Quality & Value” for your business.

Veetsan will help you make your business profitable, reliable and trustworthy by supplying you professional dishwashing competence wherever it is needed.